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Hatha Yoga Class Descriptions

Gentle classes (75 min)

  • A relaxing slow paced, gentle class suitable for most body types, age and mobility.
  • The focus is on soothing and nourishing the body and mind.
  • Ideal for people with restricted flexibility, recovering from injury or illness or wanting to de-stress and relax.
  • You will leave the class feeling you have had a good stretch, while strength, flexibility and balance improves.
  • Includes time for relaxation and/or meditation.

Strength classes (75 min)

  • A stronger breath-based class (Hatha Yoga).
  • Building strength and flexibility.
  • Ideal for those free of injury or understands how to modify postures
  • The class also includes breathing practice, relaxation and/or meditation.
  • You will leave the class feeling invigorated and restored with energy.

Body, Breath, Mind (60 min)

  • A class suitable for most people, with the focus on the breath, used to quieten the mind.
  • You will be guided to modify postures, so you work within your range.
  • Meditation included in this class.

Chair yoga (40 min)

  • Ideal if you cannot easily get up and down from the floor or are recovering from injury or illness.
  • Some movements would also be beneficial for people who spend long hours seated by a desk.

Floor yoga (40 min)

  • A gentle floor-based class.
  • No standing postures in this class.
  • Ideal if you cannot easily get up and down from the floor.

Meditation (20 min)

  • Early morning meditation, moving towards stillness.

Private classes (60 min)

  • Ideal for those who want to refine their understanding of yoga or prefers to learn one on one with teacher.
  • Ideal if you want a class tailored for your specific needs, recovering from injury, illness or trauma.
  • Classes can be booked as a one-off session or as a regular on-going appointment.
  • Classes held in person at location or live streamed through zoom to your home.

Gentle yoga

Body, Breath, Mind


Strength yoga