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St Nicholas Church, 9 Bear Street, Mordialloc

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St Augustine’s Church, 90 Como Parade West, Mentone

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Helped reduce pain

"In the past, I was a regular chiropractic patient, but since starting yoga I am happily an infrequent client. Thank you." Mandy



“Six months ago I was very miserable with joint and muscle pains. I tried acupuncture/physio/osteopathy, etc for a year. Apart from being out of pocket, I didn’t improve. I thought that at the ripe old age of 83 years it must be old age and gave up. Having tried several yoga places and finding they were just not for me. I gave up looking much to my daughter’s disappointment. Happy to say she didn’t give up and one day brought in the brochure ‘Peaceful Living Yoga’ with a plea to try one more time. I did and have never looked back. I now am pain-free, gradually improving with each class and feeling wonderful. I have now been attending Mary’s yoga classes on a Monday and Thursday for about six months and needless to say, very happy. Thank you.” Jo



"Mary provides a friendly and caring atmosphere in her yoga classes at Mordialloc and Mentone. She is an excellent teacher offering a variety of different classes to target different levels of ability. By attending her classes over the last 3 - 4 years,  I am more relaxed, my back has improved, and my visits to the osteopath have greatly reduced. I can highly recommend these classes." Kerry



“I have suffered hip tightness which physiotherapy wasn’t able to help with. Yoga has freed me from this pain and really helped me in so many other ways, relieving mental stress as well as improving my balance and core strength. I love the feeling I have after class as I am driving home, it’s like my whole body and mind has been massaged into calmness.” Maree



Support through difficult times

"I really enjoyed my time on Saturday mornings at your Yoga class. This was an extremely difficult period in my life and your classes made me feel that life was not all bad. I have now moved to St Kilda but wanted to let you know that the classes and more importantly you as the teacher made a huge difference to me at that time". Kerry



Modified postures for your needs

"Mary’s classes are varied. She always provides options/modifications to suit a range of abilities. Mary is always mindful of those with injuries/limitations and caters for everyone irrespective of their level of expertise and provides encouragement and support. The meditation/relaxation component is a highlight for me.” Maggie



About the teacher

"As a beginner to yoga, I really appreciate Mary's friendly teaching style and the way she caters to different levels of ability. It's an enjoyable environment to learn in and I always leave the class feeling relaxed and ready for the day ahead." Helen



"Mary is a nurturing, patient and consummate teacher of yoga. She creates a compassionate space within which students may practise at their own level. Mary’s instructions are clear and her preparatory asanas ensure each student reaches their maximum potential in the class. Many modifications are offered and each student is encouraged to observe their personal capabilities and honour where they are on particular days as well as in their yoga path. Each class is varied, interesting and infused with accessible yoga philosophy. Mary covers the various limbs of yoga: asana (postures), pranayama (breathing practices), meditation and relaxation with great skill and a touch of well-placed humour.” Julia 



“Mary is an inspiring Yoga teacher. She has a lovely, calm manner, listens attentively and speaks beautifully. She is extremely patient and respectful of individuals' needs and requirements and always provides clear instructions and helpful modelling of Yoga postures and breathing techniques. I always enjoy the peaceful, relaxing background music which Mary selects at each class. The relaxation and meditation sessions are wonderful, as Mary has a gentle way of guiding us with her quiet voice, creating a perfect environment to relax, let go and enjoy. Thank you, Mary. You have certainly helped me”. Rachel



"Mary is an exceptional teacher because she is able to deepen her students' mindfulness in class while teaching each posture with care and precision. She has an excellent eye for correcting postures and leads students into wonderfully deep relaxation. Her voice, care and personal warmth are very nourishing and I always look forward to her classes." Linda, Yoga and Dance teacher



Strength, flexibility and focus

“Took up yoga to improve golf, now I have more flexibility, stronger core, less back/shoulder soreness.” Rory


“I can honestly say with the mixture of relaxation, stretching exercises and meditation it has given me more flexibility and focus than I have had for a very long time. Mary with her patience, experience and guidance always has the ability to make us all extend ourselves. I am very happy that I took the plunge and gave Yoga a go.” M.S



Rest and relaxation

"With Peaceful Living Yoga, I have found the perfect gentle yoga class for me. Mary provides all we need - not only the equipment but the gentle encouragement to do at each stage only what is possible. Classes are now an essential for me and like everyone who participates I head home after each session relaxed and restored in mind and body. Thank you, Mary." Wendy