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Phone: 0408 664 020   



Mordialloc location:

St Nicholas Church, 9 Bear Street, Mordialloc

Mentone location:

St Augustine’s Church, 90 Como Parade West, Mentone

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Frequently Asked Questions 

 Do I need to book?

Class numbers are capped. Therefore, booking is essential. You can book here

If you have difficulties contact us

Do I need to bring anything?

Due to COVID-19 we can no longer provide equipment. Please bring your own mat and blanket, (pre-loved blankets are available for purchase).  Although not essential, you are welcome to bring other comforts if you choose, e.g., cushion, yoga strap, etc.

What should I wear?

Wear loose comfortable clothing, no need to buy special clothing.

Although we have cooling and heating in the room, we all experience temperature differently. It is suggested that you wear layers of clothing, e.g., t/shirt under a long sleeve top. That way you have more control over your own comfort.

Must I practice with bare feet?

For your safety, when standing on the mat, it is best you have bare feet for better grip and balance. In some seated and lying postures you may be able to wear socks.

If for some reason removing shoes makes you prone to falls, please contact us so we can arrange something.


What are the fees?

Find fees here.

When should I eat?

Avoid eating two hours prior to a class.

Injury or special needs?

We can modify postures. Please inform the teacher if you have injuries, are pregnant or have other concerns.

I’m not flexible, is yoga for me?

You don’t have to be flexible to start practising yoga; your flexibility will improve the more you practice.

Do you have gift vouchers?

Contact us for details.

Consider others

Please avoid wearing strong perfumes to class.