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Phone: 0408 664 020   

Email: info@peacefullivingyoga.com.au


Mordialloc location:

St Nicholas Church, 9 Bear Street, Mordialloc

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Our Yoga Studio

Our yoga studio in Mordialloc is where you can step away from busy life and meet your authentic self on the mat. Here you can leave your cares behind and move the body mindfully with hatha yoga, in a breath-based yoga practice. Students come to our classes from across the bayside area as far as Bonbeach to Aspendale, including Parkdale, Mentone, Keysborough, and Cheltenham suburbs.


Ancient Classical Yoga Classes

At our Mordialloc yoga studio, you will be taught ancient classical yoga in the tradition of Sri T. Krishnamacharya, considered to be the Father of modern yoga. The practice is centered on the breath, and postures are not something to achieve; rather they are something to experience.  Postures, (known as Asana-s), can be adapted and modified to the individual, rather than expecting the individual to adapt and force themselves into a posture. You will be encouraged to work at a level that is appropriate for you. Therefore, anyone can do yoga and gain the benefits, whether that be in the form of group classes or private one on one.


Years of Yoga Experience

Your yoga teacher who lives locally near Mordialloc has over 22 years of experience and will guide you safely through the postures. She believes classical yoga is a way to enhance the quality of life for all participants by developing mind body awareness. Practice is the key.


Everyone is Welcome

Our yoga classes in Mordialloc are friendly, inclusive, and welcoming. From time to time, we have social gatherings where students can connect and enjoy the company and friendship of others over a meal in one of the bayside suburbs. Everyone is welcome from beginners to experienced. We look forward to welcoming you.


Why choose us


  • Senior, (Level 3) experienced and registered teacher
  • Value for money - unlimited access to weekly content
  • Well-rounded classes, includes warm-up, strength, balance and relaxation
  • Classical yoga in the tradition of ancient teachings
  • Breath base Hatha yoga

What we offer


  • Classes at our Mordialloc studio
  • Online Yoga classes
  • On-demand yoga classes - access anytime
  • Modifications throughout the class
  • Traditional Hatha breath-based practice
  • Yoga classes you can do!

Uplift in Breath Warrior Pose


In this yoga practice we will do an uplift in breath in warrior pose. This short practice will show you how to increase oxygen and energy into your body. As the name suggests it is an uplifting practice to boost and invigorate you.

Newsletter Jan 03, 2023


Happy New Year!
We would like to wish you a very happy New Year. Hope you have had a good start to the year. All classes resume this Thursday 5th Jan.

New Thursday Evening class
We are pleased to announce a new gentle class will also begin this Thursday at 6 pm. Due to the popularity of the Monday evening gentle class, a new class on Thursday evenings has been added to meet the demand.  Starting this week, the class will run for an hour commencing at 6.00 pm. You can book here.  

Benefits of a gentle class: it is ideal for beginner students, people with restricted flexibility, recovering from injury or illness or wanting to de-stress and relax.  Find out more here

Saturday morning class?
We are looking for expression of interest in attending a regular Saturday morning Strength class. The start time is likely to be 8 or 8.30 am. Please let me know if you are interested.  Contact us here

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What we do today is what matters the most."