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Phone: 0408 664 020   

Email: info@peacefullivingyoga.com.au


Mordialloc location:

St Nicholas Church, 9 Bear Street, Mordialloc

Mentone location:

St Augustine’s Church, 90 Como Parade West, Mentone

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  • Assurance in an experienced registered teacher
  • Value for money - unlimited access to weekly content
  • Well-rounded classes, includes warm-up, strength, balance and relaxation
  • Classical yoga in the tradition on ancient teachings
  • Breath base Hatha yoga

What we offer


  • Live stream, online Yoga classes
  • Easy to follow instructions from home
  • Modifications throughout the class
  • Traditional Hatha breath-based practice
  • Home Yoga classes you can do, for adults of any age

Four ways to modify  Postures


There are four ways you can modify a yoga posture. Firstly, reduce the effort required to move into the posture. This means keep the limbs, arms and legs close to the center of the body. The further you move the limbs away from the body, the greater the effort is required. Modify by keeping the arms and legs close into the body.

Second, reduce the repetitions. Often in yoga the postures are repeated several times. If you find your body is feeling uncomfortable, that means you need to do less. Reducing the repetitions means you may only do one set, rather than three repetitions.

Third, reduce the time you stay in a position. If you find your body is tensing or your breath is labored, these are signs that you need to come out of the hold. The postures should never cause tension, therefore reduce the time you stay in the hold.

Finally, cease the practice all together if your body does not feel comfortable.

Yoga teaches you to pay close attention to your body. As your practice develops you will notice more and more when your body needs to reduce and modify the postures.


Newsletter  Snippet

Edition March 02, 2020

Following the Xmas break the classes at our Mordialloc venue have now been running since January.  The venue timetable is constantly being reviewed and we are now running the following classes at St Nicholas church Mordialloc:

  • Monday 6.00 pm Strength
  • Thursday 11.00 am Gentle
  • Saturday 8.00 am Strength

Please note, more classes are available subject to interest. If your favourite time is not on the timetable, please contact me. Subject to interest, new classes will be added.

Over the past months it’s been great reconnecting with many people face to face at our Mordialloc venue. As a teacher, it is always rewarding seeing the change in people from when they arrive to class, compared to when they leave. Their whole demeanour changes to a much more open, relaxed, and uplifted state.

COVID-19 has had a huge impact on our lives. The ongoing uncertainty can be the cause of stress and worry for many. If you have not yet returned to class, how are you feeling? Have you simply got used to feeling stressed, disconnected, out of sorts or lacking a routine? If so, why not turn to yoga?

Do you remember how you felt at the end of a class? The sense of worries lifted, the body feeling loose and supple, tension dissolved and a general sense of wellbeing? Why not reconnect with us and experience that feeling and the freedom of yoga?

Online classes through the Home Membership, (includes live zoom and a choice of over 130 pre-recorded classes), has proven to be very popular, even with our furry pets. Many people find it convenient and a way to stay connected. Many have given testaments to the ‘invaluable’ and ongoing support of the practice and resources in the library.

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